Who is it for?

We’re offering better digital visits for visitors, and the chance for venues to be with their digital visitors, to guide and help them just like they do in their physical locations.

For Venues

Museums, galleries, cultural destinations,
heritage and visitor attractions.

  • A feature rich tour maker. Enable your teams to create bespoke tours.
  • Engage existing audience by offering loyal visitors a new way to engage with you.
  • Create a new revenue stream, find ways to monetise premium tours.
  • Broaden your reach and find a new audience globally.
  • Remove barriers to physical access. Welcome those who might not have been able to visit you before.
  • Break conventions, the rules in this space are different so you can create impossible, imaginative, interactive spaces.
  • Show collections in storage, bring your unseen collection into view, 24/7.
  • Audience specific tours, offering multiple experiences and tailored content for different audiences.
  • Be responsive, reconfigure, update expand and contract exhibitions fast and with ease.
  • Build once and run on every platform.

For Visitors

Fans, regulars, day trippers, school groups, nerds and the uninitiated alike.

  • Go together. Experience your favourite exhibitions with friends and family.
  • Get up close. Examine objects in detail, look inside, push and pull.
  • Feed your curiosity. The experts are right there, ask your tour-guide questions!
  • Go your own way. Use whatever device you have and interact at your leisure. Explore at your own pace, dip in and out. Jump from a pre-recorded tour to a live one.
  • Be your own curator. Collect objects along the way and curate your own gallery.
  • Don’t worry about the stairs!

For Museum Professionals

Directors, interpretation teams, interactive content makers and producers.

  • Tell your best stories using a new and evolving technology palette.
  • Challenge us to help you create the most wonderful shared experiences, right now.
  • Re-imagine what an offsite virtual tour experience can offer.
  • Allow visitors up close and personal access to parts of your collection never seen before.
  • Supercharge your live tours. Have your tour guides use props, change environments, teleport people, make the content experiential and interactive as possible.
  • Do the impossible. Segment a crowd of visitors and offer a personalised experience to each audience member.
  • Enchant a whole school group. Offer a new type of experience to educators who are trying to think out of the box.