A Truly Modern Marvel!

A platform for social cultural virtual tours.

an ancient statue wears a vr headset

Curatours is the place to find cultural virtual tours where you can socialise. That means you can visit an art exhibition or museum online with friends and family. Everyone can explore and experience the tours using a web browser, tablet, smartphone or virtual reality headset.

The most engaging experiences are shared.

An off-site digital tour platform encouraging visitors to participate. It does this by giving them a guide to talk to and ask questions. Visitors are allowed to get close and interact with objects because they are virtual. Giving interpretation teams a new space and interesting ways to configuring a collection. As well as helping institutions to tailor tours for different visitors.

a person takes a photo in an art gallery

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photo of a skeleton someone has doodled a VR headset on to the head of the skeleton

We have been developing multiplayer and social experiences for 4 years. This platform combines our passion for culture and collaboration with our experience of virtual technology development.

a photo of a group of people looking at jellyfish in a tank

We are at the beginning of our journey with this platform of virtual tours. In order to shape the future we are doing a lot of listening and collaborating. We are looking for partners to use our platform and more importantly, to tell us what they think and where they see the future heading!

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