How, on earth,
does it work?

Curatours has two parts, together they help you create, experience & host the most delightfully immersive offsite tours.

Curatours App

Best in class. Accessible. Engaging.

icon depicting a VR head set and a mobile phone viewing the same artefact

Visitors can:

  • Look in detail at 3D captures of artefacts and environments
  • Take part in Live Tours and ask questions from the guide
  • Watch pre-recorded 3D performances
  • Listen to audio recordings
  • Read text, view scanned images and watch video
  • Interact with their friends, family and other visitors 

Immersive virtual guided tours offer an accessible and enhanced way for visitors to experience museums and galleries, safely at their own pace from anywhere.

Available on:

  • VR headsets
  • Browsers
  • Desktop
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
photo of an ancient statue someone has doodled on it so the statue is holding a mobile phone

Curatours Maker

Feature packed. Focus on creating. Easy to use.

With Curatours Maker, we aim to deliver the most intuitive way in which to create an offsite tour for visitors can enjoy.

  • Easily integrate object and environment scans
  • Create rich interactions
  • Setup & Schedule Tours
  • Record Live Tours
  • View object and space usage analytics
  • Set donation and visitor fee details

Icon depicting a museum plan being worked on.

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