Who are we?

We are Cooperative Innovations, an immersive technology studio. We are driven by a nerdy excitement and passion for cooperative social experiences.

Cooperative Innovations Logo

Cooperative Innovations is the company behind Curatours. As an immersive technology studio we make experiences that bring people together. We have lots of experience in gaming, storytelling and e-learning.

We have a core belief that immersive technology is the future of work and play. We have a passion for removing the barriers and helping people work together. We believe that people are the multiplier for any technology, so our work is focussed on educating and empowering creators, technologists and consumers to create shared, social VR/AR spaces.

Leadership Team

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Photo of Emma Cooper
Emma Cooper

Project Lead

Photo of Simon Barratt
Simon Barratt

CEO, Co-Founder

Brian Marshall

CTO, Co-Founder

Lauren Livesey

Partnerships Manager