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  • Brave New World – Takeaways from the Museums Association annual conference 2021
    I’ve worked in the museums sector for over a decade, and for the last several years, at some point each autumn, I’ve lurked among the twitter accounts of countless fellow museum professionals as they attend the annual Museums Association conference. In the very same week that the Curatours platform launched with the Museum of Plastic 2121, I was able to attend the physical conference in Liverpool, taking in sessions on decolonising collections, African cultural restitution and the role of museums in tackling the climate emergency. Much of the on-the-ground hosting was done by the Museums Liverpool team, who did an…
  • Tour Guide in Development
    Our Tour Guides play a critical role in the Curatours experience. They will be greeting, helping, and guiding Visitors on live and pre-recorded tours. So we know that how they appear is important.
  • Our key takeaways from MuseumNext’s XR Summit – 2021
    Recently we attended the MuseumNext XR Summit, a three day virtual conference for professionals working in the arts and heritage sector. As an event focused on XR and museums, it felt like the perfect fit for us. We attended with a few goals in mind.Meet and learn from others innovating in the space;Discover what challenges museums have been facing with XR;Get inspired by the great work being done in the industry. There were two topics that really resonated with us. Adoption of augmented reality by museums. Considerations around accessibility and how XR technologies can support these needs? Projects & talks…
  • Bringing Storytelling to Tech in Museums
    Immersive technology is turning the future into the present by delivering experiences which weren’t even possible just a few years ago. Today, augmented and virtual reality are exciting platforms for museums, heritage organisations and other cultural institutions to engage with their audiences in ways that can’t be replicated using traditional means. The combination of immersive technology and creative storytelling enables museums to reach their biggest audiences and inspire lifelong curiosity about a variety of subjects. When applying these technologies, museums must strive for positive visitor experiences – if they’re not integrated well, or fail to work in any way, visitors…
  • How Small Museums Can Use Technology: Tips for New Media
    As we emerge from the second year of the pandemic, it is clear that an audience exists for digital content created and provided by museums and galleries. We’ve seen a whole host of initiatives, from stepped-up social media content, through to increased digitisation and entire virtual exhibitions and galleries. Studies are also suggesting that this audience interest will outlast the current lockdown moment, and that organisations would benefit from continuing with enhanced digital strategies in the years to come. The other side to this coin, however, is that many museums currently find themselves to be massively overstretched, operating on a…

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